Terms & Conditions

LETS BARISTA is an electronic application registered according to the laws and regulations of the State of Kuwait.


User is responsible for carrying out further research on the information published on the application, LETS BARISTA is not responsible for any breach of the privacy of the information provided by the user, either technically or by any other means. LETS BARISTA does not guarantee the confidentiality of the information, provided to it by anyone who obtains / uses all / any information available on the application website, by the act of the third parties or the owners of participating the chosen service provider.

The application shall not disclose any personal information of any individual to any other company / entity and is used only to provide the delivery service through the application directly or through the selected restaurant. The user shall not exploit the services provided by the application in any way that would impair the interests of the application or the Subscribers. User undertakes not to copy, download, publish, modify, or distribute any material from the Application.


The exploitation of the application to send unwanted or inappropriate messages, or conducting any behavior by the user constitutes a breach of this paragraph, is prohibited and will allow the application to immediately delete the user's file without notice and legal proceedings if necessary.


The user is solely responsible for maintaining the privacy of the user's password and ID, all activities and transmissions performed through User ID. The application reserves the right to modify / change all or any disclaimer or agreement terms at any time without prior notice. All terms / disclaimer, whether explicitly stated or not, will be included herein, if indicated.


- Failure to deliver the order on the scheduled time or error in the order is not the responsibility of LETS BARISTA, if the service provider is the one who delivered the order.


- LETS BARISTA will not be a party to any legal proceedings between the user and the service provider.


 I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the terms and conditions stated therein.